Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mob Style - game of death (1992)

1.gangster shit pt. 2
2.wanted by
3.never tell a lie
4.live and let die
5.crack the mack
6.God bless our souls
7.game of death
10.ten deep
11.case dismiss
12.the D.L.
13.say what
14.for the honeys
15.no answer
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Chubb Rock - I gotta get mine, yo! (1992)

1. Some-O-Next Shit
2. I'm the Man
3. Pop 'Nuff Shit
4. Don't Drink the Milk
5. Hatred - Chubb Rock, Deneen Lowe
6. Lost in the Storm - Chubb Rock, Deneen Lowe
7. Which Way Is Up
8. Black Trek IV the Voyage Home
9. Yabadabadoo
10. So Much Things to Say
11. Funky
12. Three Men at Chung King
13. I Need Some Blow
14. I'm Too Much
15. My Brother - Chubb Rock, Eric Milteer
16. I Don't Want to Be Lonely - Chubb Rock, Eric Milteer
17. I Gotta Get Mine Yo
18. Message to the B.A.N.
19. Enter the Dragon
20. Arrival
21. See You in October
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Black Market Militia - Black Market Militia l.p. (2005)

1. Children of Children feat. Oscar Brown Jr.
2. Thug Nation
3. Mayday!
4. Audobon Ballroom feat. Dead Prez
5. The Struggle
6. Hood Lullabye
7. Gem Star's
8. Righteous Talk
9. The Final Call feat. The Last Poets
10. Dead Street Scrolls
11. Paintbrush
12. Black Market
13. The Breath Of Life
14. Think Market
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Willie Hutch - the mark of the beast (1974)

1.get ready for the get down
2.the mark of the beast
3.try it you'll like it
4.life's no fun living in the ghetto
5.I'm gonna stay
6.woman you touched me
7.do the thing that's best for you
here it is...

Galt MacDermot - cotton comes to harlem o.s.t. (1970)

A1Cotton Comes To Harlem
A2Coffin And Grave Digger
A3Going Home
A4Sunlight Swinging
A5Man In Distress
A6Harlem Medley
B1Black Enough
B3The Loving Ballad
B5Down In My Soul
B6Harlem By Day
B7My Salvation
B8Ed And Digger
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Johnny Guitar Watson - ain't that a bitch (1976)

1.I need it
2.I want to ta-ta you baby
3.superman lover
4.ain't that a bitch
5.since I met you baby
6.we're no exception
7.won't you forgive me baby
cop that...

Temptations - solid rock (1972)

1.take a look around
2.ain't no sunshine
3.stop the war now
4.what it is
5.smooth sailing from now on
6.superstar (remember how you got where you are)
7.it's summer
8.the end of our road
here you go...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Smiley the Ghetto Child - the antidote (2006)

2.limousine dream
3.Bronx baby
4.no love
5.L.A.N.Y. ft. W.C.
6.pig latin
7.close to 3o G's
9.800 trigger fixers
13.all on you
14.the wake up call
16.give us a moment
17.rest in peace
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

King Sun - X.L. (1989)

1.on the club tip
2.lethal weapon
3.all in
4.coming soon
5.fat tape
6.it's a heat up
8.hey love
9.do I love you
10.time to go
here it is...

I.M.P. - I.M.P. dogs (1990)

1.C-Fresh 850 lockdown
3.I.M.P. dogs
4.I.M.P. dogs (instrumental)
6.that's what your mouth say
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hostyle (of Screwball) - one eyed maniac (2004)

1. Intro "Live From QB"
2. Hostyle Takeover
3. How That Is? (Remix)
4. Love And Hate feat. Big Noyd And KL, Poet (of Screwball)
5. Clap Your Hands feat. Kyron, Poet (of Screwball)
6. Be Carefull What You Wish For feat. Kyron, KL Of Screwball (Kamakazee)
7. Nitroglycerin
8. Guilty feat. Kyron Of Screwball
9. N.O.W.
10. Live On The Platform Marley Marl Freestyle
11. You Know The Name
12. This Ain't No Game
13. Somethings Gotta Give
14. Aight Then feat. Kyron (of Screwball)
15. One Eyed Maniac
16. Return Of The Hu-Haa
17. Ring Kings feat. RA The Rugged Man
18. Street Life
19. Mysterious Ways feat. KL (of Screwball) (Kamakazee)
20. Beat 'Em In The Head

U.T.F.O. - U.T.F.O. (1985)

1.leader of the pack
2.bite it
3.callin' her a crab
4.hanging out
5.beats and rhymes
6.Roxanne, Roxanne
7.Lisa Lips
8.fairytale lover
9.the real Roxanne
here it is...

Totally Insane - direct from the backstreet (1991)

01. Intro
02. What Ya Know
03. Kiss No Ass
04. No More Mr. Nice Guy
05. Heartless Mother Fuc...
06. Mack Game
07. The Insane
08. Smoooth
09. -N- the Backstreets
10. I Can't Be Faded
11. I Don't Even Trip
12. Now Ya Understand
13. Outro
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Eightball & M.J.G. - on top of the world (1995)

2.pimp in my own rhyme
3.what can I do
4.for real
5.funk mission
6.kick that shit
7.friend or foe ft. E-40, Mac Mall
8.hand of the devil
9.top of the world
10.what do you see
11.in the line of duty
12.all in my mind
13.comin' up
14.space age pimpin'
15 break em' off
here you go...

Big Mello - bone hard zaggin (1992)

01 - Intro
02 - Bone Hard Niggaz
03 - Dont Let the Name Fool Ya
04 - Creepin' In a 'Lac
05 - Mac's Drive 'Lacs
06 - Love Dont Love Nobody
07 - Creepin' In a 'Lac II
08 - Gank Move
09 - Symptoms Of A Crook
10 - Fuck A Bitch
11 - Prime Time Live
12 - Living For The Weekend
13 - Live In 3-D
14 - Playin' The Game
15 - I Dont Trust 'Em
16 - After Dark In The Clarke
17 - Conversation Rules The Nation
18 - Straight From The Clarke
19 - Bone Hard Thanks
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Chill Rob G - ride the rhythm (1989)

1.future shock
2.bad dreams
3.court is now in session
5.dope rhymes
6.the power.
7.ride the rhythm
8.make it
9.let the words flow
10.let me show you
11.Wild Pitch (KDAY remix)
12.let me show you (remix)
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Askari X - ward of the state (1992)

01 - Ward Of The State
02 - Giants Vs. Giants
03 - Ansar El Muhammed
04 - Da Meeting
05 - Sista Ansar
06 - Be Black Or Die
07 - Ansar Machine
08 - Out Dis House
09 - You're Crazy
10 - Proud 2 B Black
11 - Hide Tonite
12 - Like To Get Irie
13 - Ward Of The State - Radio Mix
14 - Ward Of The State - Street Mix
15 - Giants Vs. Giants - Radio Mix
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Jay-Z - reasonable doubt (1996)

1.can't knock the hustle
2.politics as usual
3.Brooklyn's finest ft. Notorious B.I.G.
4.dead presidents ii
5.feelin' it ft. Mecca
7.22 two's
8.can I live
9.ain't no nigga ft. Foxy Brown
10.friend or foe
11.coming of age ft. Memphis Bleek
12.cashmere thoughts
13.bring it on ft. Jaz, Sauce Money
here you go...

Prince Buster - it's Burke's law (1964)

01 Burke's Law
02 Al Capone
03 Gun the Man Down
04 Skahara
05 Trip to Mars
06 Rygin'
07 Mighty As a Rose
08 Indian Love Call
09 Here Comes the Bride
10 Almost Like Being in Love
11 She Pon Top
12 Feel Up
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Grover Washington Jr. - feels so good (1975)

1.the sea lion
4.it feels so good
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Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - bridges (1977)

1. Hello Sunday! Hello Road!
2. Song of the Wind
3. Racetrack in France
4. Vidgolia (Deaf, Dumb and Blind)
5. Under the Hammer
6. We Almost Lost Detroit
7. Tuskeegee /626
8. Delta Man (Where I'm Comin' From)
9. 95 South (All of the Places We've Been)
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Zapp - Zapp (1981)

1.more bounce to the ounce
3.brand new player
4.funky bounce
5.be alright
6.coming home
here it is...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Boogie Down Productions - edutainment (1990)

1.exhibit A
2.blackman in effect
3.ya know the rules
4.exhibit B
6.house niggas
7.exhibit C
8.love's gonna get cha'
9.100 guns
10.ya strugglin'
11.breath control 2
12.exhibit D
14.the homeless
15.exhibit E
16.the Kenny Parker show
17.original lyrics
18.the racist
19.7 dee jays
20.30 cops or more
21.exhibit F

Freddie Foxxx - industry shakedown (2000)

1.live at the Roxy 2000
2.24 hrs.
3.tell em' I'm here
4.Bambaataa & Bumpy talk industry
5.inside your head
6.who knows why
7.searchin ft. Terisa Griffin
8.never bow down
9.industry shakedown
10.M.C.'s come and M.C's go
11.Bumpy bring it home ft. Billy Danz
12.live in Tokyo ft. D.J. Rukas
13.Bumpy Knuckles baby
15.stock in the game
16.intelligent thug - Bumpy's theory
17.feel like I been here
18.the mastas ft. M.O.P.
19.part of my life
20.live at the Roxy 2000 outro
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