Thursday, December 20, 2007

Parliament - osmium (1970)

1.I call my baby pussycat
2.put love in your life
3.little ole country boy
4.moonshine Heather
5.oh lord, why lord-prayer automobile
7.nothing before me but thang
8.funky woman
9.livin' the life
10.the silent boatman hot mama
13.come in out of the rain
14.fantasy is reality
15.unfinished instrumental
16.loose booty
17.breakdown (mono 45 version)
here you go...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

James Brown - hell (1974)

2.hell thang
4.sayin' and doin' it
5.please, please, please
6.when the saints go marching in
7.these foolish things remind me of you
8.stormy Monday
9.a man has to go back to the crossroads
11.I can't stand it "76"
12.lost someone
13.don't tell a lie about me and I won't tell the truth
14.papa don't take no mess
go for it...

Supercat - boops (1986)

2.move up
3.what a ride
7.vine yard party
8.D.J. daddy
9.Jamaica, Jamaica cat go America
get it here...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rodney O & Joe Cooley - me and Joe (1989)

A1We'Ve Arrived (Oh! But Yes!) (0:35)
A2This Is For The Homies (4:20)
A3Me And Joe (3:10)
A4Let's Have Some Fun (3:40)
A5Supercuts (Yeah Boy) (5:40)
B1Give Me The Mic (3:10)
B2It's My Rope (4:05)
B3Cooley High (4:10)
B4Nobody Disses Me (4:25)
B5Everlasting Bass (3:50)

Kid Capri - 52 beats (1992)

Classic mixtape right here...
Tracklist: long ass mp3
here it is...

Monday, December 3, 2007

No I.D. - accept your own and be yourself (the black album) (1997)

1Heat (0:23)
2We Rock Like So (2:29)
3Fate Or Destiny (3:15)
4State To State ft. Common (4:10)
5I'm Thinkin' (1:04)
6Mega Live (That's The Joint) (3:27)
7Sky's The Limit (Inf Mix) (4:00)
8Dreams (0:58)
9The Real Weight (3:54)
10Jump On It (4:22)
11Gem (0:52)
12Original Man (3:54)
13Pray For The Sinners (4:31)
14Sky's The Limit (3:53)
15Two Steps Behind (4:14)
here you go....

Nut Case - curb servin' (2001)

Don't sleep on this one...Real Seattle gangsta shit right here...
1.Intro (Feat. Kool Poo)
3.Blame It On The Game
4.Curb Servin
5.Feel Like A Nut
6.Central District
8.Gangsta Dance
9.Livin' In Seattle (Feat. Shade Dog)
10.Bonus: Ride Wit Me - Gonna Get Da Cheeze (Feat. CHUNK from EPA & Crafty)

Untranslated Prescriptions re-upped

By request I re-upped that Untranslated Prescriptions. If there are any other albums on this site that people need re-uploaded due to expired links, let me know in the comments.