Monday, October 29, 2007

Ahmad Jamal - Jamalca (1973)

A1Ghetto Child (5:37)
A2Misdemeanor (4:30)
A3Along The Nile (4:46)
A4Trouble Man (5:11)
B1Jamalca (3:54)
B2Don't Misunderstand (4:07)
B3Theme Bahamas (6:09)
B4Children Calling (4:45)
B5M*A*S*H Theme (2:48)
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lake featuring Cormega - my brother's keeper (2006)

2"Ghetto" (Produced by Ski)
3"The Oath" (Produced by Ax Tha Bull)
4"Let That Thing Go" (Skit)
5"30/30" ft. Uniqua Star (Produced by Ben Grim)
6"Don’t Start" ft. Greg Nice (Produced by Cormega)
7You Know Where He’s From (Skit)
8"QU Side" ft. Mr. Cheeks (Produced by Cormega, J Waxx Garfield, Arnold)
9Sleezo (Skit)
10"Snitch N***a" (Produced by Buckwild
11"Stress & Greed" (Produced by Jay Boy)
12"Get It" (Produced by Buckwild)
13"Walk Through Heaven" (Produced by Get Large)
14"Hood Legends" (Produced by J Waxx Garfield)
15Swallow Everything (skit)
16"Miss Everything" ft. Kira - (Producedby J Waxx Garfield)
17"No Happy Ending" (Produced by HotDay)
18"Dirty NY" ft. Fat Joe "(Produced by J Waxx Garfield)
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Hi-C - skanless (1991)

1. [Intro-Scratch]
2. Too Greasy
3. Leave My Curl Alone
4. Punk S**T
5. Funky Rap Sanga
6. Request Line
7. Sitting in the Park
8. Compton Hoochies
9. Jack Move
10. Bulls**T
11. 2 Ada Time
12. Yo Dick
13. Froggy Style
14. 2 Drunk Ta F**K
15. Ding-A-Ling
16. I'm Not Your Puppet
17. 2 Skanless

Wise Intelligent - killin' u...for fun (1996)

1. My Sound
2. Shitty Inna City
3. I'll Never Kill Again
4. Freestyle (A Conscious Lyric)
5. Steady Slangin'
6. Black Juice
7. Name Brand Gunn
8. TV Shoom Pang
9. So Low
10. Rastafarian Girl
11. Kingpins
12. Send Fe Me Gunn
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2 Black 2 Strong M.M.G. - doin' hard time on planet earth (1991)

A1Ghetto Blasta (4:32)
A2Skulls (4:32)
A3Only The Strong Survive (4:52)
A4Up In The Mountains (5:49)
A5Across The 110 (5:02)
B1Ice Man Cometh (5:56)
B22 Black 2 Strong (5:09)
B3War On Drugs (4:27)
B4Goin' All Out (4:39)
B5Burn Baby Burn (4:32)
B6MMG Shoot Out (1:59)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Infamous Mobb - special edition (2002)

3Born Again
4Killa Queens
5Special Edition
6I Rep
7Family (Skit)
8Mobb Niggaz (The Sequel)
9Reality Rap
10Make A Livin'
11We Don't Give A...
12Back In The Days
14We Strive
15We Will Survive
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Z-Ro - the life of Joseph W. McVey (2004)

1On My Grind (1:39)
2Z-Ro (3:07)
3These Niggaz (4:00)
4King Of The Ghetto (4:32)
52 Many Niggaz (4:16)
6I Hate U Bitch (4:32)
7Hey Lil' Mama (4:16)
8So Much (3:50)
9That'z Who I Am (3:52)
10Everyday (3:22)
11Crooked Officer (3:34)
12Why? (4:02)
13Happy Feelingz (3:43)
14Z-Ro (Screwed) (5:35)
152 Many Niggaz (Screwed) (5:13)
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Pop Da Brown Hornet - the undaground emperor (2000)

1. Undaground Emperor (Intro)
2. Follow Me Up
3. One Shot Deal
4. Endangered Species
5. Wantz and Needs
6. I'm Soooo
7. Follow Me Up [Marley Marl Remix]
8. Hold Ground
9. Sun Neva Chill
10. No More Mr. Nice Guy
11. Stand Up
12. Black on Black Crime

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yomo & Maulkie - are u xperienced (1991)

1Doors (1:29)
2Glory (4:49)
3Watch Out Black Folks (3:10)
4Mockingbird (4:32)
5For The Love Of Money (4:30)
6The A Train (3:59)
7Soul Psychedelic Side (2:55)
8When Your Back's Turned (4:11)
9Mama Don't (3:40)
10Brain Child (2:58)
11Society's Relentless (4:20)
12Daddy Rich (4:24)
13Are U Xperienced (3:04)
14For The Love Of Money (Instrumental) (4:33)
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wilson Picket - I'm in love (1967)

1.Jealous Love
2.Stagger Lee
3.That Kind Of Love
4.I'm In Love
5.Hello Sunshine
6.Don't Cry No More
7.We've Got To Have Love
8.Bring It On Home To Me
9.She's Lookin' Good
10.I've Come A Long
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Tower of Power - bump city (1972)

01You Got to Funkifize
02What Happened to the World That Day?
03Flash in the Pan
04Gone (in Memory of Jacqueline Mesquite)
05You Strike My Main Nerve
06Down to the Nightclub
07You're Still a Young Man
08Skating on Thin Ice
09Of the Earth
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Herbie Hancock - head hunters (1973)

2.watermelon man
4.vein melter
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Barrington Levy - poorman style (1982)

1.Don't Give Up
3.I Can't Wait Too Long
4.Poor Man Style
5.Man Give Up
6.She Is The Best Girl
7.True Love
8.This Little Boy
9.I Love I Love You
10.Rob And Gone

Burning Spear - Studio One presents Burning Spear (1973)

A1Ethiopians Live It Out
A2We Are Free
A3Fire Down Below
A5Don't Mess With Jill
A6Down By The Riverside
B1Door Peep Shall Not Enter
B2Pick Up The Pieces
B3Get Ready
B5Them A Come
B6He Prayed

Monday, October 8, 2007

Steady B - let the hustlers play (1988)

A1Let The Hustlers Play (4:22)
A2Certified Dope (3:23)
A3The Undertaker (5:33)
A4I Got Cha (3:17)
A5Turn It Loose (4:07)
B1Ya Know My Rucka (4:20)
B2Serious (3:23)
B3Do What You Wanna Do (3:57)
B4Who's Makin' Ya Dance (4:04)
B5On The Real Tip (2:27)
B6Through Thick-N-Thin (3:04)

Crustified Dibbs - night of the bloody apes (1994)

1Toolbox Murderer (3:31)
2You Ain't Never Been Down (3:27)
3Walking Down The Streets With My Nuts In My Hand (4:51)
4Every Record Label Sucks Dick (3:41)
5Hookin' With The Hookers (5:11)
6Bloody Axe (4:22)
7R.A. Be Down (4:15)
8Cunt Renaissance (2:49)
9Back To The Rubber-Room (4:00)
10Bloodshed Hua Hoo (3:44)
11Statchy (1:52)
12Bloody Body Parts In Da Fruit Punch Bowl (4:14)
13Bloodshed Hua Hoo (Nigga Niles Crusty Remix) (3:37)

Project Blowed (1994)

1.Aceyalone, Spoon Iodine, C.V.E. - jurassick
2.Self Jupiter - who's there
3.Abstract Rude - strength of A.T.U.
4.C.V.E. - what a pity
5.Figures of Speech - don't get it twisted
6.Freestyle Fellowship - hot
7.Tray Loc - once upon a freak
8.Dolla Holla - beautiful day in the neighborhood
9.D.K. Toon & B-Cartoon - solo is so low
10.this evening
11.P.E.A.C.E., T-Love, Aceyalone, Nefertiti, Self Jupiter, B.J., Ganjah K, Medusa, Ko Ko, Mikah 9, Volume 10 - heavyweights round 2
12.Funky Trend - funky commercial break
13.second chance
14.Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Riddlore - I don't know
15.Abstract Rude - yeh man
16.C.V.E. & Rifleman Ellay Khule - narcolepsy
17.Aceyalone - I think
18.Abstract Rude & Aceyalone - maskaraid pt. 1 & 2
19.Abstract Rude & Aceyalone - treble and bass
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Thursday, October 4, 2007

D.M.S. - takin' ends (1994)

1.takin' ends
2.which game
3.drunk drivin'
4.back up off my tip
5.sunshine world
here it is...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Strickly Roots - begs no friends (1993)

A1Bust The Tech
A2Begs No Friends
A3King A New York
A4Get'n Open
B1Duck Ya Boyz
B2Mic Controla
B3Roots & Culture
B4South Bronx (Uptown)
B5Fa Real
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Boogie Boys - city life (1985)

A1Runnin' From Your Love (4:58)
A2Do Or Die (4:52)
A3Break Dancer (3:23)
A4A Fly Girl (5:51)
B1City Life (4:55)
B2Party Asteroid (5:26)
B3You Ain't Fresh (3:50)
B4Shake And Break (3:51)