Friday, November 16, 2007

Half-a-Mill - million (2000)

2.Tough Guyz - (featuring Ali Vegas)
3.What U Ridin' - (featuring Nature)
4.New Milllennium
5.Quiet Money - (featuring AZ)
6.Don't Go Away - (featuring Charisse Of Changing Faces)
7.Where BK At
8.Fires Of Hell
9.Some Niggaz - (Extended Version)
10.Thug Onez - (featuring Noreaga/Kool G. Rap/Musalini)
11.Gimme Ya Luv
12.Ghetto Girl
13.Thug Luv
14.Bounce - (featuring Spice 1)
16.Thuggest Enemy #1 - (CD only, bonus track)
17.(untitled) - (Hidden Track)
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