Wednesday, February 20, 2008

14 Fathoms Deep - a hip hop compilation (1997)

1.Sinsemilla - drastic measures
2.22nd Precinct - great outdoors
3.Mad Fanatic ft. RagChyld - official members
4.D.M.S. - keep da change
5.Source of Labor - cornbread
6.Ghetto Children - court's in session
7.Narcotik ft. Infinite - all up in my mix
8.Jace - ghetto star
9.Kylin - can
10.Prose & Concepts - higher places
11.N.S. of the O.N.E. Corporation - insomniack museick
12.Blind Council - interrogation
13.Union of Opposites - continuations
14.the Crew Clockwise - a new day
jump on it...

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The Gooch said...

I bought this in 97! I loved this album. Not everything on it was great, but it was a solid, original release for the time