Thursday, May 29, 2008

Classic Elements (1998)

1.Ghetto Children - hip hop was...
2.Jaleel - I call it like I see it
3.Troubled Sums - konfessions
4.Source of Labor - aunt Anna
5.Soulstice - novus ordo seclorum
6.Arson - back home
7.Sinsemilla - sleep
8.Nobody - A.N.I.T.A.
9.Bedroom Productions ft. Blak - black-n-blind
10.5e - paradox(remix)
11.Ski - from bullets to poetics
12.Tilson - a little better
13.Black Anger - third eye
14.Jace - what's ya definition
15.Blak - only when I'm high
16.Nomad - sadistic flow
get it now...


Anonymous said...

big big thanks for this 1!!!!!!

DJ Able said...

Good looks TalkSick!