Monday, August 27, 2007

House Party - o.s.t. (1990)

1.Today - why you get funky on me
2.Arts & Crafts - what a feeling
3.Force M.D.'s - jive time sucker
4.Full Force - House Party
5.Kenny Vaughan & the Art of Love - this is love
6.Public Enemy - can't do nothing for you, man!
7.Kid 'N Play - fun house
8.L.L. Cool J - to da break of dawn
9.Kid 'N Play - Kid vs. Play (the battle)
10.Arts & Crafts - surely
11.Zan - I ain't going out like that
and a bonus track that wasn't on the soundtrack but it was my favorite song on the movie...
12.Full Force - ain't my type of hype

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