Monday, August 20, 2007

Tweedy Bird Loc - 187 ride by (1992)

So basically the theme of this blog is just me posting albums I think are dope. Occasionally I might feel like ranting about some bullshit but mostly I'm just gonna post albums I like. Post your comments and tell me what you think. Peace.


1. Fu'k the South Bronx
2. Fu'k Ya'll (Intro)
3. What's Really Goin On
4. My Dick Is Prejudice
5. Comin Out the Cage
6. Who's Makin Love (Intro)
7. Stupid Shit
8. Hoe Is a Bitch
9. Tweedy's Teed Off
10. 187 Ride By
11. Punk Motha Fu'ka (Intro)
12. Murder One
13. Sell Out News Flash (Intro)
14. Takin' Out the Judges
15. Smoking Chronic (Intro)
16. Compton Blocks
17. Black Court in Session
18. Homies Here and Gone (Intro)
19. You Don't Hear Me Though
20. Jackin for Transpa
check it out...

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