Monday, December 3, 2007

No I.D. - accept your own and be yourself (the black album) (1997)

1Heat (0:23)
2We Rock Like So (2:29)
3Fate Or Destiny (3:15)
4State To State ft. Common (4:10)
5I'm Thinkin' (1:04)
6Mega Live (That's The Joint) (3:27)
7Sky's The Limit (Inf Mix) (4:00)
8Dreams (0:58)
9The Real Weight (3:54)
10Jump On It (4:22)
11Gem (0:52)
12Original Man (3:54)
13Pray For The Sinners (4:31)
14Sky's The Limit (3:53)
15Two Steps Behind (4:14)
here you go....


apani said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

beautiful album!
questo spacca hip hop genuino

djslash said...

thank u bro, its really hard to find such a good material as this. keep on the good work