Thursday, December 20, 2007

Parliament - osmium (1970)

1.I call my baby pussycat
2.put love in your life
3.little ole country boy
4.moonshine Heather
5.oh lord, why lord-prayer automobile
7.nothing before me but thang
8.funky woman
9.livin' the life
10.the silent boatman hot mama
13.come in out of the rain
14.fantasy is reality
15.unfinished instrumental
16.loose booty
17.breakdown (mono 45 version)
here you go...


soup said...

i have this album on tape from waaay back and its had its day... until the ressurection few minutes ago!

many thanks for this.

Thomas Bonnin said...

Thanks for sharing your music,
although probably a milestone, this one is not exactly my type of funk. I'm more into later stuff around 75, but it's good to have heard this record anyway!