Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tribal Music - do the math (1996)

1.T.H.C. - the intro
2.Phat Mob - main attraction
3.Sho Nuff - sho sum respect
4.Sinsemilla - traffic
5.B-Self - eye listen
6.Ghetto Children - who's listening
7.Chile & Vitamin D - earth girlz r e-z
8.Infinite ft. Los - the truth hurts
9.T-Dog & D-Uneek - interlube
10.Ghetto Children - n's don't l
11.Crew Clockwise - rap capsule
12.v/a - do the math
13.Infinite & C-Note - interlucifier
14.Union of Opposites - what's it worth
15.Phat Mob - wrong number
16.Rob Brewer & Samson S. - soldier intro
17.Samson S. ft. H-Bomb - soldier
18.T.H.C. - temporary insanity
19.Narcotik - game of checkers
20.Shahzad - game show
21.Wordsayer & Blah - the shining
22.Infinite - schoolin' em'
23.H-Bomb - sinsebility
you need this...


ILLustrious said...

YOU'RE THE MAN! Ive been lookin all over for this!!!

thank you, be easy... ILLustrious

DJ Haylow said...

Great Comp! Ive been listening it over the last couple days. It's definitely a classic that more folks need to be up on.

yourbenevolence said...

dude i have been looking for this for like a year. thank you sir. the world needs more ppl like yourself.